Have less of money or rather want to spend less on your gorilla encounter? Budget gorilla trekking calls for a lot of measures and variations which not so many operators might be familiar with. Budget safari lodges that go for as less as $35 per person for a night do exist in national parks and i won’t deny the fact that some of them are equally nice but you ought to know that accommodation matters so much when it comes to safaris in Uganda. Your entire mountain Gorilla tracking experience could be messed in a blink of an eye if unhappy with your accommodation facility. You have to watch the standards of lodging facilities that you reserve for your gorilla safari. We have organized variety of affordable gorilla trips before, till now we haven’t gotten any negative feedback from our clients. So how do we do it? We carry your burden by going to lodge by lodge (mid-range lodges and luxury lodges) negotiating their prices and establishing partnerships with them so that we are able to get their accommodation facilities at relatively low discounted rates and in turn provide it to you. This is because we mind about your safari experience and we don’t want simple obstacles ruin your fun. Below are some of our budget gorilla trekking safaris.

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Cheap Gorilla Safaris