We are ready for your gorilla trekking tour in Uganda and Rwanda.

Craving for a wildlife viewing experience or rather an encounter with Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla Beringei Beringei) in Africa? Uganda, Rwanda or Congo should definitely be on your bucket list because these are the only countries in the world that harbor these gentle primates. Apparently, Uganda has the biggest share of the endangered Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, followed by Rwanda in Parc Nationale Des Volcanes (Volcanoes National Park) and Congo in world heritage site - Virunga National Park. Gorilla trekking is a very awesome activity but physically challenging as well! Nothing beats an experience of encountering a species of primates that share over 98% of human DNA, bonding with them and greeting them as you watch them greet you back with a smile. All our Uganda gorilla safaris feature Bwindi Forest National Park as the main destination considering the fact that the gorillas in Mgahinga are hard to find where as our Rwanda gorilla safaris take you to the oldest national park in Africa (Volcanoes National Park). For budget gorilla trekkers and backpackers, we have the capacity to organize budget gorilla trekking safaris and still maintain the same standard of travel. We not only have vast experience in organizing such tours, but we are also passionate and knowledgeable about tourism hence, a strong reason as to why you should expect nothing less but the best of an expedition from us. We offer very affordable guided and tailor made safaris in these three countries with excellent transport and lodging options to ensure you are extremely comfortable through out your whole safari so that the spark of adventure is kept alive and not ruined by certain obstacles. For luxury travel tourists, all our packages are absolutely adjustable and can be re crafted right from accommodation choices to transport and activities to match up with the slumber travel setting you might want at very unbeatable prices basing on the fact that we have several partnerships with lodges that affords us to get their services at extremely low and discounted rates.

Among the travel packages we offer include Mountain Gorilla trekking adventures (our prime and specialty), wildlife viewing safaris, wilderness safaris, Chimpanzee trekking / habituation experiences, excursions plus cultural tours which can be in any of the countries in East Africa. Our team of professional staff and guides are more than ready to craft for you a travel package with less driving time but rather more hours for activities, provide you with very comfortable accommodation facilities through out your entire expedition and be extremely helpful through out the days of your safari. Let passionate and knowledgeable safari experts help arrange your safari because you definitely want the best experience and nothing less of that! We are that knowledgeable and passionate staff that guarantees you exactly the most of a tour in either countries with assurance that you are going to get the most value out of your money.

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