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African Gorilla Tours is one of Africa's gorilla tour specialists offering some of the best budget gorilla trekking safaris. We are dedicated to organizing affordable Uganda safaris, Rwanda gorilla tours and Congo gorilla safaris at unbeatable prices. So what is gorilla trekking? This is an activity that involves walking for long distances in search for gorillas. Through group and private safaris, we are able to arrange successful visits for tourists who want to see mountain gorillas in any of our respective destinations. We mainly specialize in gorilla tours, wildlife safaris in Rwanda and Uganda but occasionally stretch to other types of expeditions. Our price sensitive budget gorilla tour packages will let you spend less for an outstanding experience with these endangered primates in their natural habitats. When you travel with us, your comfort comes top of our list! This is why we operate all our budget gorilla trekking safaris in customized 4x4 safari vehicles and only select out good accommodation facilities for use. We are so passionate about tourism and often boast about our previous successful expeditions, a milestone that acts as a foundation for our forthcoming tours. We can help you craft good budget packages for your gorilla trekking tours. Contact us for a quote.

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Top Budget Gorilla Tours

Have less of money or rather want to spend less on your mountain gorilla encounter? Budget gorilla trekking calls for a lot of measures and variations which not so many operators might be familiar with. Budget safari lodges that go for as less as $35 per person for a night do exist in national parks and i won't deny the fact that some of them are equally nice but you ought to know that accommodation matters so much when it comes to safaris in Uganda.

Your entire mountain Gorilla tracking experience could be messed in a blink of an eye if unhappy with your accommodation facility. You have to watch the standards of lodging facilities that you reserve for your gorilla safari. We have organized variety of affordable gorilla trips before, till now we haven't gotten any negative feedback from our clients. So how do we do it? We carry your burden by going to lodge by lodge (mid-range lodges and luxury lodges) negotiating their prices and establishing partnerships with them so that we are able to get their accommodation facilities at relatively low discounted rates and in turn provide it to you. This is because we mind about your safari experience and we don't want simple obstacles ruin your fun. Below are some of our budget gorilla trekking safaris.

Going on a cheap gorilla safari does not necessarily mean your comfort will suck. So many assume this but it very wrong. If you plan everything the right way and deal with a good operator, you will still enjoy a much more comfortable safari that most of the tourists who opt for mid-range facilities. The budget experience is so raw and fun, you will definitely feel it.

Cost of Gorilla Trekking in Uganda & Rwanda

Uganda is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for low cost trekkers. Permits cost as little as $600 for foreign nationals. The parks also have very many accommodation facilities you can choose from. What often freaks most travelers out is the 9 hour drive from Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This journey can be reduced by use of scheduled flights or making an entourage via Kigali in Rwanda. Uganda apparently harbors over half the remaining population of the endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Since May 2017, Rwanda doubled the prices of its gorilla permits from $750 to $1500. This automatically made Rwanda a luxury gorilla tracking destination. Not so many can afford the $1500 permits fee and majority have resorted to trekking in Virunga National Park in Congo and Bwindi in Uganda. Good thing with Rwanda is your gorilla safari can even last for a day. This is partly because Volcanoes National Park is just 2 - 3 hours away from Kigali City. Besides the permits, several safari lodges offer equally budget accommodation services and you can take advantage of this.

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The Best budget gorilla safaris in Africa

There has always been a big debate about Uganda gorilla trekking and Rwanda gorilla trekking experiences. So many tourists get confused on where to go for their tours. These two destinations offer equally good adventures but solely depends on how best you organize your tour. Many prefer Rwanda to Uganda because of the short distance between Kigali and Volcanoes National Park (approximately 3 hours). This is 6 hours shorter than the Kampala - Bwindi distance. If you have travelling, either go gorilla trekking in Rwanda or arrive from there and trek from Bwindi easily. The drive is approximately 4 hours from Kigali to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. As for DRC, since Rwanda gorilla permits shot up to $1500 each, many have resorted to affordable mountain gorilla expeditions by gorilla trekking in Congo and Uganda even when they make their entourage via Kigali.